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Yup, its spinnin the other way!

Do not panic. Yes, I know that the
entire world we thought we trained for the first 20 , oh God its already 30 years - never mind. Anyway, What I was trying to say is that yes, everything is shifting.
Wow. Hold on. 
Everything. every thing . ever a thing. 

(Last two lines sound like, and I undoubtedly ripped off from my dear Dear friend Jayne Harnett Hargrove  - you can find her great writ, wit and with @ 
click on one of the Joan of Arc Twins on your right.

Reader Comments (2)

I know I’m dizzy. Thanks for the reminder that we’re all in this human condition thing together. Some things we really can not take personally.
no pressure....
It’s 15 minutes too early to start making noise.
L, -J

April 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJ A Harnett-Hargrove

I have been thinking about this post. If I had to think about only the first 20...boy, then my head would definitely be spinning!
My mother didn't tell me "there'd be days like this". Instead, she told me "It just keeps getting better". Maybe this is just her particular experience...she is certainly not the optimist that I am, so I believe she's telling me nothing but the truth when she says this. But I hold her words close to my heart, because that is what I'd prefer to believe.
I don't mind rocking the boat.
I don't mind constant change.
I don't mind the unexpected.
I don't mind spinning backward.
I actually love nothing more than to adapt.
I would, on the other hand, very much object to stasis.

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