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Magic 1977

Right Costume, Wrong Play (Sfumato Series 2001)

I was still trying to make my living as a performer in 1977. 
Clown work, Character wave at cars, and magic shows.  Yes, really.
One night, I did a show in a conference room in the basement of a bank for a group of metaphysical devotees.  

I played it fairly straight. I was wearing a (bad) suit or tuxedo, and I presented a couple of typical tricks, and then I tried a very difficult and finicky illusion - levitating a small piece of crumpled aluminum foil in between my outstretched hands - 
Full light, audience within five feet.

And then something happened. I entered "Grazia" - I was the instrument of my magic, not the creator or seller of it. 

That little piece of aluminum foil was levitating and the room was very still and happy. 
They loved it. They believed it. They, in a way, created it through their suspension of dis-belief and allowing me to practice my craft.

The belief of magic had created those moments - 

Magic is the truest feeling you'll ever feel.

Reader Comments (2)

Ah, to have that talent! I am the clumsiest person I know, and I believe that that would preclude any attempt I might hope to make at the alchemy of illusion. I can't even walk without tripping. You, however, were able to suspend my disbelief in a heartbeat the very first time I saw one of your installations. Of course, my disbelief has always been feeble at best, so suspending it isn't all that hard ;) But in all seriousness, you have the sleight of mind. The magic is in you, and it's no illusion - it's the real thing.

I agree with Maia, you are Magic Mr.Man.

May 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterYoli

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