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2010 - Catch up for a friend

Yet another wild one. "Winter's Work" ( What us Vaudevillians do in the off season to sharpen our gimmicks and acts )  Was the ADCD Paper Fashion Show.  It was really fun to create the entry and even more fun to win first place!

But that was just the beginning.
I designed the John Madden Award
 The MOA crew helped the Biennial of the Americas kick off the Hard Hat Gala,
The Cabinet of Curiosities and Impossibilities became a permanent installation at
MOA's Englewood City Center Gallery

Holly Berry, The Art Car, was born in our garage here at the house, with a lot of labor on Terry's part
And the award winning Hudson Holiday Light Show attracted over 45,000 people!
Just to keep myself busy, I also appeared as one of the Judges on FoodNetwork Challenge: Edible Christmas Windows, worked with Diogen on LED product development and provided Illustrations for Jim Kenney's wonderful book: Thriving in the Crosscurrent: Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change. Gosh, my friend, we are finally up to 2011!

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