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See. Hold. Deliver. 

You may be surprised to learn that for something as creative as Lonnie’s designs, there is a thought-out, proven approach.
Lonnie calls it See. Hold. Deliver.
Let’s start with See.
See is the equivalent of sketches on a napkin. Blue sky ideas. During this stage, nothing is off-limits. Does it feel right? Can we do something within budget? 100 ideas become 10 ideas, which become that magical one.
Next, is Hold.
This is where we get into the details and nail down the idea. Idea = vision. Schematics are drawn. Teams and budgets formed. We arrive at a design consensus. Hold is where the vision becomes reality. We build, troubleshoot, fabricate, install, and amaze.
Finally, Deliver.
After the collaboration, the curtain is lifted. The magic is revealed. The discovery begins.